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Apex P2P Sunday | April 15, 2018

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Apex massed up and peaked at 82 sharks for this fun-filled Sunday.  Most of our fights came against either Foe or IR while focusing any clans that attempted to crash. Thanks for the fights! Have a great week.



Colly POV



Hotguy POV



Tyen POV







Our first fight was against Foe in a clean 1v1 at spider hill west of GDZ.  We rushed from the south and wrapped around from the east and were able to hold the spider hill for a while until clans crashed and we dipped.



The next fight was somewhat funny.  Both clans logged in on top of each other in fall ins and it was a battle of who could survive the massive clumps the longest.  Both clans eventually separated and Foe pulled west.  We followed but switched our attention to Doom as they attempted to crash.



We caught wind that IR was fighting someone at that same spider spot.  We rushed in from the east and caught them in huge clumps along the gate.  They eventually pulled all the way west to singles.



We set up a fight vs Foe on 26 hill.  We caught them in some big clumps on the south side of the hill.  Doom rushed from the south in an attempt to pinch us.  A good call took us northwest and while Foe were focused on Doom, we were able to put the finishing touches on Foe.


We set up a matched fight at GDZ against IR.  The fight was basically split into two with one side near the gates with another at gap.  Apex dominated both sides of the fight catching some huge clumps that were quickly cleaned up.



We crashed a fight between IR and Foe at Lava gate.  The fight was near the end so it was just a clean up job for the sharks.  Doom wanted to get in on the action but were immediately pushed back west to singles.



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