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  1. I just thought id share this with you guys since this was the freakiest thing ive had happen to me in a long time whilst pking on rs. from thinking id lose my 8m to pk 27m. I also dc'ed while rushing the day before and lost 6m so i was quite afraid of losing another 8 So i was just about my regular business, unskulled pking in pvp w 25. with fury, b ring and ballista. I kill some guy that attacks me, then i go recharge my spec and when i go back in there he is again and attacks me a bit far from the G.E and i kill him without using my spec. As im looting his friend logs in under me and i attack him on accident with 4 food left in my inventory. He tb's me and tangles, gmauls straight away but fails. I start panicing hard and try to run but he catches the next tangle straight away. hes using acb just wrecking me, i have 1 food left when i realized theres no way for me to survive without fighting back. So i rune knifed him like 2-3 times then ballista him a 30 then straight into the maul 25-24 and drop him with 0 food left hahaha! had to run straight into the bank and bank my items and ran back to loot :) looters got the elder chaos bottoms but i got the rest, and this was my prize.(he was unskulled btw, i wouldve gotten 80m if he had been) :