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  1. be on for f2p trip

    i will be leveling 99 hitpoints and finishing my build at tripĀ 


  2. so glad it's finally over 99 hp, i will level it up saturday on the fall in and finally get my max icon on ts3 99 prayer, str, range, mage, hp for the final build with 60 attack and 1 def!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you, apex for having me <3
  3. u got a lil peep :p
  4. "bro u suck:" bes part
  5. dude @BeBrilliant u are op glad we swim together i kinda wanted to go from 89-90 agility myself cuz it looks way better now u got me itching for that ;/ haaate that grind though
  6. don't you have an essay to be writing?

  7. apex has big teeth to chomp and fins for swim
  8. we are shark andd we like swimm
  9. i fucking hate ev actually surprised they are still open dear hassan, summer is over go back to your cave
  10. imagine being in vendetta and being ex aao and not having a penis after this
  11. whoa
  12. jeez man @probey