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  1. Dude huge shoutout out to Nox and the boys clowning me and telling me to train while encouraging when I joined in a month or so ago. I got a huge dedication to the clan so in about 3 weeks I got 99 str and mage and range so I can play my part in this clan! THanks sharks ! CHEERS!
  2. good stuff boys always a pleasure to smash on foe
  3. ONce again grats!
  4. Good stuff boys Love the effort and progress! continue growing!
  5. Good stuff boys we getting deeper and deeper every weekend happy to be apart of it !
  6. Great Trip boys always look forward to making our presents know to other clans!
  7. Fellas ive never been apart of any clan up this point but I defintly joined the baddest out there! Good job boys and excellent calling happy to be apart of apex and to call myself a shark