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  1. Who performs better today? New Officers Bakedlossal or Inners Manager Coach?

    1. 5teel


      the spy always wins #froggerz

    2. Colossal


      the one who has slept with the most girls aka me

  2. LOL I see @Blue fluxx dying here. Thank god Ponder didn't include my deaths....
  3. dis nigga finally got rune pouch amateur no more
  4. nice dude!
  5. damn...big rip...
  6. Shoan
  7. grats dude!
  8. nice!
  9. Kevin bad at Fortnite, RS Bridding and TagPro

    1. Torag
    2. RNG
    3. hotguy


      somehow he still snatched 40m off singles trip in brid 

  10. nice, i've killed that mootsniffer before lol he's like worse than erase
  11. looks a little soggy + i like more tomato tbh
  12. @Aleus "think I specced out someone from Apex"
  13. i like it, nice job colly!
  14. Hi yes please!