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  1. Keep pushing my lil pregnancy
  2. fuck nvm can someone set me back to 70 mage pls
  3. ETA 3 days. I just dread being maxed cause i'll have nothing to do lmao.
  4. breh
  5. 2 more mage level's & this account is completed. Shoutout @Nerdy for the assist - preciate ya, blooda.
  6. Best of luck with everything brotha. Handle ya responsibilities as a man & provide for your family. You got a lil' jit to worry about now so do what's best for them. Sending ya prayers & blessings. luv.
  7. lehgo
  8. aaayyyyy
  9. paper chasers
  10. 2 99's in 3 days and working on 99 mage. Fucking Apex ruined my life l0l. gz raffy. (had 190xp to 99 & spec'd 143 xp l0l fml.)