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  1. From converting to a main clan the previous week to wearing other clans teamcapes this week. NOICE
  2. But can he 4 way switch tho. Checkmate. -nerdy probably
  3. pidscape is bullshit thanks for the fun events 2bill - worlds best haxball player
  4. rotated 60 people for 3 rounds vs sitting 1/2 of the shitters in ur clan and getting help from IR core still 3-0 lol
  5. there's still some prayer switching involved + positioning is like 90% of f2p, eating pizzas fast and learning to stay clumped etc. not hard but I don't think we have practice for it ever aside from 30mins before a f2p prep (also saturday f2p which people treat as a joke and never come to lol) not so much rng when the call is to pile someone south-west and 5 people are still north east of the ball..
  6. cus ur an ugly retard
  7. trade jyst ur geeps ingame
  8. Pretty sick how many people are willing to mini at any given time and we don't even drop a single round with 2 teams
  9. Dogs. cats are shady mfers