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  1. my nigga
  2. Just got off a 12 hour shift and couldn't make it, but I'm glad to see y'all put in the work. #SHARKSZN
  3. After working all summer long to get the Vet'ion pet, it has finally happened (arguably the most rare wildy pet in game). I got the ROTG's, (1/500) on kc 529, and pet, (1/2000) the next kill. ITS A GREAT FUCKING DAY BOYS!!!!!!
  4. Ahhh yes
  5. Just a little late night snack for some hungry sharks, took this poor fellow out at 44's during a sesh. https://i.gyazo.com/1c39abed19c85fc46fb84baf8dfaec50.png ^Thats the gayazo
  6. Holy mary and joshef
  7. Keep moving forward towards greatness.

  8. This a rollie, not a stopwatch, shit dont ever stop

    1. tait


      Fuck oath brother

  9. Nice vid man, ez stuff.
  10. I was glad I was able to do it for you! If anyone else needs my assistance, let me know! My discord is Remy#7250. Go sharks!!
  11. It aint no thang Butter!!!! If anyone else wants me to do theirs LMK! It'll take me an hour or less. Go sharks!!