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  1. =]

    gzzz bud :D
  2. DMM

  3. DMM

    Getting some shit going on dmm :D
  4. Have been just calmed down alitle bit you know done other shit just relaxed
  5. Hello Everyone a friend of mine want to join us to pk but he dont got a pure so i came up with the idea to make one with him but to limit it to make it like a challange :D We Gonna play with the Rules we are not allowed to interract with other players so no g.e no trading and no picking up items from other players until we're done with the account so it's pk ready :D - Fun to play with a good friend too :D
  6. Hey everyone probably everyone know i left the saturday trip and this is why. I actually spilled fucking sprite all over my keyboard and it fucking broke so i went today and bought a new one rip 200 dollars ;( that was the most expensive sprite i have ever drinked lool. Feels bad and a waste of money but i hope i dont spill anything again :/ i have no clue how it actually broke cuz it should just be sticky but yaya , i tbh like this keyboard much better it's smoother nicer sound and i think it's easier to type on it :D It's a Corsair k95 rgb Platinum =) ill cya all today on the saturday trip
  7. UIM

    ahhaahha love you too sunde xD