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  1. I don't know what I'd do without Nox in my life...

    I'd be like a nerd without braces. A shoe without laces. ASentenceWithoutSpaces.

    1. Whipz


      wanna squeeze my boobies

  2. Black ops 4 is coming out next Friday and me and Colossal are going to grind it out on PS4. If you're down, add my psn: Trustcris
  3. I just went out and got the sickest bowlcut 

  4. Buy it and use it to play runescape alone, you might see 8 pixels as opposed to the usual 7.
  5. Opinion on this watch boys? Need a decent one for work and this is a perfect size for my wrist. Worth $3000? Might be buying this tomorrow
  6. The synced laugh with the music at 3:43 aha
  7. GJJJ
  8. I'm surprised they even took a round
  9. I'm In- RSN: TR U ST
  10. Looks sick, right colour choice as well
  11. It'd be sick if we had 50 people with it for preps
  12. was fun af, gj my dudes
  13. That pet is sick as well, gj
  14. Hormone's at it again. Is this an attempt to recruit Zetro?