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  1. GRATZ BOYZ! And good luck to everyone in the next awards!
  2. My boy matched doesn't die!
  3. https://gyazo.com/9886e41359ed3acd8a0af7bc64babc52 ​Shoutout to remy for the Fcape Service Cheap,Easy,Realiable and most importantly FAST!r
  4. Good stuff man!
  5. 1)Best Rank - @Singles Trip 2)Best P2P Warrer - @Nox 3)Best F2P Warrer - @Colly 4)Best Miniwarrer [email protected] 5)Best Snipefreezer [email protected] 6)Best N-Ranger [email protected] Ranges 7)Best Mager [email protected]@Darkx 8)Best Tank [email protected] 9)Best Binder [email protected] 10)Best Hybrid [email protected] 11)Best Wilderness Player [email protected] 12)Funniest Member - @Sir-MTR 13)Most Potential - @@Darkx 14)Best Personality - @Colin 15)Favorite Newcomer - @Remy 16)Most Improved [email protected] 17)Best Username - @Tait 18)Most Likely To Get Muted - @Remy 19)Most Likely to Skip Weekends - @Me 20)Biggest 1-bang @Me
  6. FINALLY! You've have good luck the past two days