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  1. not leaving apex. that aside who wants to make a black ops 4 quick scope clan with me
  2. big skiller boy
  3. pick it up from china
  4. trying to buy custom pcbs
  5. when these fuckers advertise "cheap" prices but then make you pay $20+ dollars for shipping, it really pisses me the fuck off. $25.99 for something that weights 330 grams? fuck off
  6. welcome to the clan buddy! glad to have you here!
  7. well done taity!
  8. backstory: computer company went bankrupt, sold everything INCLUDING the servers that held all the info, including creditcards sadly i purchased from these guys a while back and now all my info is on the web. ty NCiX @Colly can i sue these retards for selling a server that had my info on it?