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  1. need fat quester package done poke or pm

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    2. OSRS Sellout
    3. stally


      what u need? dt?

    4. Timz


      b gloves roughly around 15 quests

  2. boca car wash
  3. run south east corner like luring jad if it was to spawn south west or north west, have your sounds on, once it hits u once, run north towards italy rock, this is where u use ur brews and combo food and have to tank hits, go behind italy rock, it will then be hugged, then d bow the rest of the kill, u can either use its tail or sound to know when to tick eat. id suggest getting dt done since u got 94 mage, makes it alot easier being able to freeze 180s
  4. lil bibby beat
  5. does the item stack or take up 1 inv spot
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc7esZy2EEc&feature=youtu.be