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      tyron humble but deadly

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      So many belts 

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      Woodley vs Khabib is the real fight.

  2. The best P2P clan of 2018 got yet another victory today. Apex pulled over 45 sharks for our scheduled event verse EOP. We came out with the 2-0 win with EOP leaving the third round. Thanks for the action, EOP! Round 1: Won Apex Starting/Ending: 28/17 EOP Starting/Ending: 28/0 Round 2: Won Apex Starting/Ending: 28/19 EOP Starting/Ending: 28/0 Round 3: Forfeit Colly POV
  3. GET. IT. DONE.
  4. from wisco now in NC
  5. glock glock
  6. Monster
  7. Apex Official P2P Trip - October 7, 2018 Discord - Teamspeak Sunday, October 7th: Apex mass up 75 GRUESOME Sharks and dominate the P2P Scene. We had a very strong performance today. We starting off most of our fights today with EOP, starting what turned into huge clusters. We were able to throw our weight around clearing FOE any time they attempted to crash. IR was subject to some brutal hits as well, due to poor positioning on their end and expert scouting on ours. Some of the most brutal hits of the day came against Fatality and Supremacy, respectively. Fatality attempted to hit us from behind in the west CA trees. As soon as we focused them, we cleared them off the map. Supremacy, desperate for any action for their clan, huddled up at CA. We logged under them and caught them in huge clumps on the southwest corner. We obliterated them, and everyone else in our path today. Good job! GREAT SUNDAY - THANK YOU FOR SHOWING UP Colly POV Probey POV Fxcuz POV Mewho POV dis
  8. very simple intro that I cooked up. Turned out okay. Use it for a change of pace. Pm me if you want the file
  9. the giggler
  10. good vid hahah
  11. movie was entertaining