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    Gf Plus 1

    Thanks boys for the push to grind!

    Dude huge shoutout out to Nox and the boys clowning me and telling me to train while encouraging when I joined in a month or so ago. I got a huge dedication to the clan so in about 3 weeks I got 99 str and mage and range so I can play my part in this clan! THanks sharks ! CHEERS!
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    Holy Barraqe

    The unbelievable happened.

    I just thought id share this with you guys since this was the freakiest thing ive had happen to me in a long time whilst pking on rs. from thinking id lose my 8m to pk 27m. I also dc'ed while rushing the day before and lost 6m so i was quite afraid of losing another 8 So i was just about my regular business, unskulled pking in pvp w 25. with fury, b ring and ballista. I kill some guy that attacks me, then i go recharge my spec and when i go back in there he is again and attacks me a bit far from the G.E and i kill him without using my spec. As im looting his friend logs in under me and i attack him on accident with 4 food left in my inventory. He tb's me and tangles, gmauls straight away but fails. I start panicing hard and try to run but he catches the next tangle straight away. hes using acb just wrecking me, i have 1 food left when i realized theres no way for me to survive without fighting back. So i rune knifed him like 2-3 times then ballista him a 30 then straight into the maul 25-24 and drop him with 0 food left hahaha! had to run straight into the bank and bank my items and ran back to loot :) looters got the elder chaos bottoms but i got the rest, and this was my prize.(he was unskulled btw, i wouldve gotten 80m if he had been) :
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    99 hitboys [maxed, 5 combat 99's]

    so glad it's finally over 99 hp, i will level it up saturday on the fall in and finally get my max icon on ts3 99 prayer, str, range, mage, hp for the final build with 60 attack and 1 def!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you, apex for having me <3
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    Apex vs FOE Big mini [2-0] SETS

    Ft nhing the unstoppable tank
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    hahahahahaha gold but old

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    rune pouch

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    The unbelievable happened.

    hell ye brother
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    Apex vs Supremacy | P2P Mini | 2-0

    LOOOL look how proud u are, my boy
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    hahahahahaha gold but old

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    Battle of the Kangaroos

    who did it better?
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    hahahahahaha gold but old

    fk it dude im young come stop me
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    Thanks boys for the push to grind!

    finish up ur range before u get 99att for my sanity pls
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    Apex vs IR p2p mini [3-0 set]

    bad clicks idc
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    Thanks boys for the push to grind!

    lets go boi good shit
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    rune pouch

    Yikes can I get a source on that? That means if you lose rune pouch bridding its a MASSIVE time investment to get it back
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    rune pouch

    ty 4 info
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    Apex vs. Fatality P2P Mini [2-0 in sets]

    was an eazyature lol its just like a miniature but way eazyer
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    P2P sunday (King of singles POV)

    wake up next time freak supremacy quality is not great
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    u always pk sht l0l
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    Apex Sunday [75 PURES]

    Can always trust you to video mate <3
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    The unbelievable happened.

    grats bro real good pk
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    The unbelievable happened.

    big grats love to see it =]
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    treyarch knows how to make camos

    Titan lol kys
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    Happy birthday

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    ii inabit ii

    The unbelievable happened.

    nice play man
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    The unbelievable happened.

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    The unbelievable happened.

    Ahhh you get those pesky skull trickers mate!
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    The unbelievable happened.

    lmaooo nice!! happy for you!
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    Life is beautiful

    lil peepzy aye
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    In Light of Recent Events..

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    Chief called he said this is it g
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    Apex vs Supremacy | P2P Mini | 2-0

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    Anotha one 12/20

    Good sht
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    Apex vs EOP P2P Mini 2-0

    Just got off the phone with chief he told me this is it fam
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    Apex vs su 2-0 [ez][smooth hd]

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    Apex vs su 2-0 [ez][smooth hd]

    we the king of clan wars
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    Apex vs eop 2-0 [smooth hd]

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    Apex Clears EV 3x @ Sharkcaves 11/5/18

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    Sat this kid then he got mad

    But you’re a safer???
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    my pkering adventure

    haha conteent
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    AGS + Claws Smite

    couple hrs between each kill ez