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  2. sharky anthem
  3. i am stronkk man
  4. Today
  5. MATE The world is your oyster once maxed, can do whatever you want and not grind (pvm, pvp nonstop) i do kinda miss the grind sometimes tho so understandable
  6. Yesterday
  7. actually doing inners and listening the song rofl not bad :D
  8. make sure to fap to pic below while listener yw enjoy shark swimmer
  9. there's only 1 most humble in apex:


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    2. Torag


      @hotguy quite the humble thing to declare

    3. bro


      wtf is this fakery

    4. Torag
  10. youve worked hard asf, good job man!
  11. Inners starting at 6:30 est! Be on or risk being sat.

  12. Gz bro dope pet
  13. My Officers will do ya :shoot: >:)

  14. Who performs better today? New Officers Bakedlossal or Inners Manager Coach?

    1. 5teel


      the spy always wins #froggerz

    2. Colossal


      the one who has slept with the most girls aka me

  15. LOL I see @Blue fluxx dying here. Thank god Ponder didn't include my deaths....
  16. BIG F2P PREP VS IR TONIGHT  7:30 EST! Make sure all you BIG DICK SHARKS are there!

  17. 60-70 Saturday, 80-90 on Sundays.

    Lets go out and recruit and make it happen. Fo can hide from us in cwa but they can't in the wilderness.

  18. Get that 99
  19. I dare someone to burp on ts
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