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Apex Sunday: Killing and embarrassing Venom + Venge + AF

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Apex massed up 35 sharks for a P2P Sunday PK trip. The trip started was a 1 hour 1v1 vs Zenith. The fight was clean and undisturbed. We were very dominant throughout the fight. After the fight concluded, we went out to bully Venom+Venge. In our first hit, we caught their entire clan in a 20 man clump. It was not pretty (for them). After about 10 minutes and taking several +1s from vengeance, V+V decided to take the L and tele out. We then attempted setting up a fight with Venom at gdz. Instead they called AF to hit us. That backfired as well. We proceeded to farm AF for the next 30 minutes. Somewhere in between, LY tried rushing with 60 but we gwased them as they tried pushing into GDZ. Realizing there was no hope, LY pulled east and called a log. Yikes! After dropping to single digits in game, AF realized things were hopeless and pulled west to log out. This left Apex in the middle of GDZ claiming victory.







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The events of 1066 in England effectively marked the end of the Viking Age. By that time, all of the Scandinavian kingdoms were Christian, and what remained of Viking “culture” was being absorbed into the culture of Christian Europe

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