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Apex Wins Sharkbrew's 2020 MiniWar Tournament

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Sharkbrew Topic: Click Here


≡ Winners of the Sharkbrew 2020 MiniWar Tournament ≡

During the month of July, we participated in and won Sharkbrew's 5v5-8v8 MiniWar Tournament (point based ranking-system). 

Scoring 40 out of 45 possible points (ahead of 2nd place by 2), we brought home our 3rd tournament win. Our final record was 8-1 [40 PTS].

We cycled through a roster of ~15 people and had strong performances as a unit all throughout. 

Here is a compilation of our win (drop a view/like/comment):

Video Timeline

(ordered by our best matches)

≡ 00:00 ≡ Intro

≡ 00:28 ≡ vs Legacy [4-1]

≡ 04:20 ≡ vs Supremacy [5-0]

≡ 07:50 ≡ vs Final Ownage [4-1]

≡ 10:45 ≡ vs Exodus [5-0]

≡ 15:04 ≡ vs Blunt Purez [5-0]

≡ 19:02 ≡ vs Zenith [5-0]

≡ 06:45 ≡ Outro


Tournament Video Archive: Click Here


≡ Detailed Rules ≡

  Reveal hidden contents


- Each clan will fight each in a best of 5 rounds all pkri
- The new staffs are not allowed
- Will be a league table updated.
-Each round won is worth one point

- 1 Defence gear only  -  infinity boots and mithril defenders are allowed
- 1-25 defence pures only if you have guys who have 26 defence by mistake thats also allowed
- If a clan closes during this event all there wins and points will be awarded to the losing teams they have beaten and auto wins for clans they haven't faced yet.
- Keep it in game dont be a retard any nh stuff will be dealt with auto DQ
- Disputes will be decided by Flower and Devin



- You can use anyone from your clan to participate.
- before both clans fight you need ranks from both clans to confirm that the mini is for the tournament and not just a fun mini.
- (you can do this by making a group chat with flower or devin)
- Clans found abusing non tournament mini wins and lying will gain an automatic loss against that other clan
- Minimum opts for each fight will be 5 and the maximum allowed is 8.
- All clans must fight each other, if one clan is being difficult and refusing to set up then the other team will take the 3 points.
- No invites allowed if one person is seen with two different clans participating then both clans with be disqualified from the tournament!

≡ Final Rankings ≡

  Reveal hidden contents


≡ Matches & Results ≡

All 5 rounds of each match were to be done - all rounds/points mattered.

  Reveal hidden contents

Match 1: 7v7/6v6 vs Blunt Purez [5-0]

Match 2: 6v6 vs Supremacy [5-0]

Match 3: 5v5 vs Fatality [2-3]

Match 4: 5v5 vs Zenith [5-0]

Match 5: 6v6/5v5 vs Exodus [5-0]

Match 6: 6v6/5v5 vs Final Ownage [4-1]

Match 7: 5v5 vs Legacy [4-1]

Match 8: vs Rage [5-0] (Forfeit)

Match 9: vs Onslaught [5-0] (Forfeit)

40/45 Points



@13 defence (3×)

@Arrolulz775 (2×)


@COA (C) (3×)



@Matched (3×)

@Moe (C) (4×)

@Moni (C) (2×)

@N Ranges (3×)

@old chub


@robbyy (2×)

@Spark | Jare

@Walnuts (2×)

(C) = Team Captain

(#×) = Sharkbrew Tournaments won


Our last Sharkbrew Tournament win [2018]:



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