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  1. ANTI-APEX cant keep up, we did that
  2. | October 24th, 2021: Today we headed out with 43 Godkings (peaking at 45) for our P2P Sunday Trip We started off today's trip by farming BP at GDZ's. Their numbers dwindled down while they broke and ran to gap to eventually tele Edge. Not sure why BP thinks they can get free action without Daddy Apex finding out but you can blame Vortex for that. After we demoralized BP at GDZ's, Rage and FI attempted to sneak in some action at Boneyard and.. you can guess what happened next. Rage left the capes at bank but we still smelled the rats, we cleared
  3. | October 17th, 2021: Today we headed out with 48 Godkings (peaking at 50) for our P2P Sunday Trip First of all (hold up let me finish up this bear meat I threw on the grill) we started off by killing one of the weakest but loudest clan in the scene Aka The OG's "Old Goofs" Rage was just north of 26 hill but they ain't want the smoke POOR TEDDY BEARS! HOLD ON TO YOUR GLORIES TIGHT. We used our ultra scouting senses which led us to 26 Hill and bullied there fight Vs BP forcing BP to run south towards Ghost Hut. The BP kids noticed the Alm
  4. SteveNY

    Apex vs Terror F2P PKRI Ft. FT100

    its funny listening to the audio on there last video now l00000000l, they celebrated for winning 99/100 and got slapped 100/80 lmfaoooo
  5. SteveNY

    Apex vs Fearless | F2P FT50 2-0

    great event, gs apex!
  6. SteveNY

    Tuesday: Late Night EST Trip Ft. Zenith

    was fun af, too ez. GS!
  7. SteveNY

    Apex vs Legacy | F2P FT50 3-0

    ez smoke, gs apex! nice topic
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