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  1. After forcing Anti-Apex to have a Saturday PCL just yesterday, we were eager to continue applying the pressure. However after the events that transpired today, Its safe to say we did more than just 'apply the pressure'. We put the fear of GODKINGS back into our enemies. Rage, Fatality, BP, and Rev were all hunted down like cattle in a pen. The trip started with Fi and BP thinking they could have clean action at 26 hill. We swiftly crashed and wiped out both clans 1v2. Rage then tried having a fight at GDZ. After about 5 seconds of clean action, we logged in top of them and wiped them out. Our intel network let us know that Rev was near ca so we quickly gwased them upon login LOL. Things are very awkward for rev when Apex have more than double their pull. We than 'scouted' bp at varrock ditch fighting Fi again. We crashed and got a full wipe on fatality x2. Bp tried regrouping at fog but we pushed on top of them and got another full clear without banking. After about 10 minutes, BP teled back up to west CA trees where we logged in on top of them. For the next 15 minutes we played wack-a-mole on BP returners teleing back up to CA. Rage tried to capitalize on us smoking bp by starting a fight at spider hill again. Unfortunately for them, we logged on top of them and wiped out all 20 sad bears in 30 seconds. To the end our magnificent Sunday, we set up a P2P FT100. We took home a solid victory in the 40v40.

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