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  1. Apex is who we are. Killing clans is what we do. 

  2. Wace555

    See u in a few months

    Don't think anyone is as prepared as you are regulate, Goodluck! God save the queen
  3. Wace555

    PET SOON?!?!?! ???!!!

    oh im tickled
  4. Wace555

    fk i love minis

    baited with the title stayed for the fopperness
  5. Wace555

    Current State...

    ha wtf
  6. Wace555


    !!!!!!! big gratz on the acorn eater
  7. Holyy APEX we destroyed those weak ass Main friend-groups today 

  8. Wace555

    Apex Vs. Supremacy P2P Mini 4-0

    apex on top
  9. APEX is ready. Where is anti-apex?

  10. Wace555

    @Cranked always been a 1 bang ;^P

    rahrahohlala bad romance
  11. "Damn it feels good to be a gangster"

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