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  1. RNG

    Smoking on that rage pack 💨

    beast mode (broken link)
  2. | https://streamable.com/9ajtey October 26th, 2021: Today we headed out with 40 Godkings (peaking at 42) for our F2P Saturday Trip We started off today's trip by fighting Zenith at Ghost Hut, nice clean action but we had a small issue we quickly resolved.. (you probably already guessed it) Anti-apex tried to crash. They came in 1-item (the whole trip ) so it only took 30 seconds to clear them up and continue fighting. After Revenant suffered another failed attempt at crashing Apex's fight, they got demoralized and cried in mass rag disc
  3. | October 10th, 2021: Today we headed out with 40 Godkings (peaking at 45) for our P2P Sunday Trip What can I say, another Sunday another undisputed W. The forever slumping cubs (who peaked 29 today) tried having a 3-way cluster at GDZ and we immediately put an end to it. Knowing Onslaught, Fatality and Rage would all hold hands we dropped the gear and still managed to clear the cubs in under 2 minutes. After they ran like the dogs they are, we headed out and prepared to crash their next fight. Another cripple-alliance fight was taking pla
  4. RNG

    Apex vs Fearless F2P Ft.50 (2-1)

  5. | October 3rd, 2021: Today we headed out with 40 Godkings (peaking at 41) for our P2P Sunday Trip We started up our trip by fighting Zenith at bandits, as usual.. Anti-Apex (Rev Mains) made an attempt to crash our fight and got cleared in less than 2 minutes. After Anti-Apex got cleared... We fought and dominated Zenith at CA. Jumpstreet crashed and automatically got wiped from the map. BP committed the same mistake Jumpstreet made and got instantly cleared. It doesn't end there, Rev Mains and Fatality crashed that same fight and got sent to edge where
  6. | September 26th, 2021: Today we headed out with 40 Godkings (peaking at 44) for our P2P Sunday Trip We started off by crashing a Rage vs FI fight. To no surprise, both clans teamed up to try 2v1ing Apex. After only a few minutes, all clans were cleared and Apex was the only one left standing. OG and BP joined the party late. Rage and Fi then tried setting up a fight at falador which we crashed right away (Plug the leaks ASAP). Rage then tried hitting a cluster at GDZ but we ruined that quick. Gunned them down from GDZ all the way to 50 ports where only 3-4
  7. September 25th, 2021: Today we set out to ruin Rage's trip as always, and we were very successful to say the least. Here's a sneak peak of Rage's trip. This is from the first 30 seconds of their pathetic 7 minute video (ours is 25 minutes at 2.25x speed)! Running to singles (and staying there) was about the only thing they accomplished today! We started the trip off by hitting a fight between Fatality and Rage at Corp Hill. With the two companions holding each others hands, they decided to try and fight back instead of run. In under a minute, they realized this was
  8. rage's 4 clan alliance peaked 45 and sat singles for an hour watching us in multi 💅

  9. September 6th, 2021: Today we heard slumping leak infested Rage was planning on having a PKRI so we made sure to swiftly end it and torture them in the process. Rage and Terror were having what appeared to be a 20v20 west of Chaos Altar, so we rushed Rage from the west, instantly sending them packing to singles. We gave them a solid 5 minutes to call all of their allies while we camped them in singles, we knew they'd need help. We headed east to multi and stood our ground at Corp Hill. Revenant, BC & Heroes couldn't save Rage just like alw
  10. September 5th, 2021: Today we headed out with 39 Godkings (Peaking at 45) for our P2P Sunday Trip. As we were setting up our first fight of the day, we received word of 37 Punishers headed to East Graves from Ferox Enclave. Upon investigating, we realized one of their members had chose to AFK before their trip even started (can't blame him)! The rest of the clan quickly hopped out when they saw an Apex scout. @Fazey wasn't so lucky. He donated us a free 8M before the trip even started. The rest of the trip we camped and victimized Rage. We instantly crashed and end
  11. August 15th, 2021: Today we headed out with 45 Godkings (Peaking at 55) for our P2P Sunday Trip. Today we decided to extend our warm welcome to the new Legacy refugees in Rage. Camping the slumping Cubs is a pretty enjoyable past-time. However we were a little let down today, as we couldn't get them to leave singles. With Abraham and Jizzle crying on mic, and Broxx refusing to use his mic, it was a very awkward trip for the infested Cubs. To keep things short and sweet, we banned the Cubs from multi. We sent them scrambling east to singles at Bandits.
  12. August 21st, 2021: Today we headed out with 36 Godkings (Peaking at 40) for our F2P Sunday Trip. Today Rage had what many are calling the worst trip of the year (quite possibly the century). The slumping infested Bears were ecstatic about having 15 shit quality Legacy members join their clan. Little did they know today they would have THE WORST TRIP ANY CLAN HAS EVER HAD BEFORE. Revenant, BC and Heroes couldn't save Rage today. Rage started their god awful trip by attempting to hit a fight at Corp Hill. Within minutes, we sent our dogs packing to singles. W
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