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  1. A big shoutout to apex getting absolutely humiliated today and displaying their utterly disgusting quality today. Its a shame that apex is still open especially with them being in a rivalry with Rage which apex is absolutely getting torched in week after week. Not sure how it can even be called a rivalry but ill leave that up to the soy boy to keep sacrificing his mental health and as long as he is in charge there is no way Fatality can ever lose to 12 baby sharks. The fight was soon crashed by apex members that are dumb enough to follow the orders of a of someone who calls himself rancher nox they were on poorly geared mains and all 15 of them thought they could fight and compete with real clans lmfao. apex was absolutely wiped out the game today and were told to stop returning to try and save what's left of the reputation of that poorly lead "clan". Again setting up with Rage, this time just southwest of sperm hill, the fight was super clean and apex didnt learn their lesson from last time. Without even considering changing up their strategy apex again tried doing something to both of the real clans. Shittiest performance from apex which isn't saying much seeing how they are use to getting cleared over and over again. apex should have taken the advice of the other 3 clans that canceled their trip but I guess being the #4 clan in that alliance they were left out of the conversation and left to die all day long! Just goes to show apex cant do anything to Fatality without 4 other clans backing them up and helping to save them from being the biggest meme in all of RuneScape clanning.

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