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  1. North Drags

    Apex Weekend

    | Apex massed up 35 sharks Saturday for our F2P Saturday PK trip as well as 37 for our P2P Pk trip. Needless to say we were the only sharks preying in an ocean full of shrimp (no surprise there). Saturday started in a 2v2 action driven clanwars fight Apex+Zenith vs Foe+Supremacy 70v70. After that we turned to the wilderness where we took on a worthy opponent (Supremacy) in a clean and undisturbed 1hr fight. Sunday started with another 2v2 mouth watering feast Apex+Zenith vs Foe+Supremacy 70vs70. After the fight concluded we set to hunt some slithering non venomous snakes
  2. North Drags

    Apex vs Zenith Big Mini (4-1)

    check out 3:50 for the blast bang bang
  3. North Drags

    wildy pkri vs foe

    foe asked for a fight, gladly accepted nice clean gdz action main clan tried to crash but got full cleared lool
  4. North Drags

    Apex vs Zenith P2P Pkri Gdz

    where the fuck was rev LOOL
  5. North Drags

    Revenant/Rage/Venezuela Broke and Teled Out [ON VID]

    like always rev smoked
  6. North Drags

    Apex's Sunday Feast

    was so fucking ez l00000000000000000000l
  7. mountain men dove into the ocean got their heads munched on result below
  8. North Drags

    foe fopped

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