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  1. DizzyMour

    Finally l0l

    2 def is OP, see how you guys talk about it. shit is legendary >:D
  2. DizzyMour

    Finally l0l

    Got the stats i've been wanting! finally got 75 att!
  3. DizzyMour

    1:30 RIP Havoc

  4. DizzyMour

    Apex Saturday Trip ft. V/Sup/Fi/R [pov]

    Hate i missed it! Tomorrow will be fun
  5. DizzyMour

    Destiny 1/2 players?

    I was just catching up on Destiny 2 Earlier!
  6. DizzyMour

    Amanda Bynes

    10/10 would hit
  7. My Soundcloud single "MOMENT" has over 160k streams now!


  8. DizzyMour

    Adrenaline Vs. Frontline P2P CWA 3-2 | 5v5

    Slayin em! Love the video
  9. DizzyMour

    Friday Night Recruiter

    Recruit this fool plz. LMAO
  10. DizzyMour

    Operation Spam Forums #7

    hell yeah, im currently going for 75 att, 65 atm, then ill be 75 att 99 str 99 range 52 pray 94 mage! Keep up the hard work man, 99 range can be frustrating sometimes lol
  11. DizzyMour

    Friday: Valor / BP + Hunting Exodus

    Great Shots/Vids!!! PS - In the video it shows the enemies names over them, how do i add that??
  12. DizzyMour

    Destiny 1/2 players?

    Destiny was super hyped and i played the shit out of it. I miss the old feeling of it from back in the day. It was amazing. but of course they ruined it with shit tier content and all my friends stopped playing it for other shit tier games.......
  13. Great video bro, love the Eminem track
  14. DizzyMour

    Dropped my album!

    Fuck yeah haha! OSRS internet would break
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