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  2. Finished as quick as me with Spr1ng Roll's sister
  3. All I want for Christmas is some competition. 


    Hopefully Santa brings Fi, Rage and the rest of the bum chum coalition some bollocks for Christmas. 


    Merry Christmas Apex!

  4. Hey guys, it's Regulate here. Just before you watch the video I want to give a huge shout out to our sponsor of this video, Muhameds.com. Muhameds.com are the ONLY trusted, reliable, quality LAB TESTED product on the market. With real reviews from real people, you can be sure that you are receiving a quality product. Now watch the video, like and subscribe and don't forget the top comment gets a free subscription to muhameds.com weekly newsletter.

  5. Papasito

    Apex vs Foe Clean 30min P2P PKRI POV

    Forums hella active OKAY
  6. Papasito

    Apex's P2P Sunday - Codi POV

    Nice POV nice trip
  7. Fatality think they can ban us from the wilderness? Their idea of 1 item ragging is 280k risk, losing +1s and breaking in 5 minutes.

    Fatality leadership, your members are not built for this, they do not want to suicide for your anime porn watching Warlord Lee or your american/british accent BPD suffering Warlord/Interim Leader/Rage quitter/Sharkbrew Poster/Lost child Jamz. 

  8. There are currently 68 people within Fatality who are eligible to attend P2P Preps. 

    Are you one of the 26 people that turned up for Fi's weekend trip but Jamz doesn't respect you enough to allow you into a purple portal on a point and click java game? Pm me now!

  9. Guy below me wants a rank BAD

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