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  1. | October 14th, 2021: Pulled up with 30 #GodKings to a scheduled 25 def gear CWA fight vs VR, in which we came out on top all 3 rounds. Despite us having a +4 opt advantage, we performed exceptionally well for fighting 126s (no other pure clan would have won if they were fighting in our place). Thanks for the action VR! WIN Apex Ending Kills - 25 VR Ending Kills - 18 WIN Apex Ending Kills - 25 VR Ending Kills - 23 WIN Apex Ending Kills - 25 VR Ending Kills - 22 Grats #GodKing
  2. For the culture

  3. Apex massed up 30 SHARKS for our scheduled PKRI vs dirty slit-eyed Terror ch*nky wolves tonight. Within 30 seconds we had a +15 lead, and the fight remained that way until the fight moved to clw where we did a FT100. We haven't been practicing a lot and showing our dedication to F2P lately since we're #1 already, so we were eager to take them on and pull off the Dub. Unfortunately they only pulled around 20 so the fight was capped and we began. The fight was neck and neck all the way until the 30's mark where we went down roughly 0 kills, we were able to take the lead and ended up winn
  4. Until nox wishes me luck I’m going. Mia I have 6 mins til game starts If my leader can’t wish me good fortune idk what I’m doing. No matter same beliefs or not always wish good upon eachother

  5. rev having trouble pulling more than 10 looooooool omg
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