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  1. Destiny 1/2 players?

    I fell in love with the lore, oh and my boss and co-worker played it at my last job. So I got convinced and next thing you know I’m hooked. On/off player since destiny 2 though but I enjoy doing Sherpa raids.
  2. "They Are Miles Ahead"

    In the world of deep fakes we can still trust text ha lol
  3. Looks pretty fun. I need to be more active and apply ffs
  4. Destiny 1/2 players?

    Any destiny players out there? I’ve got it for all platforms even stadia(because I can) and I have a group on Xbox.
  5. we should get some active females in this clan

    rs communities still the same as back in 05 lol love it
  6. Apex P2P Sunday 5-17-2020

    Well, you killed stuff. Nice
  7. [BSA POV] Apex #1 Sunday Murderfest

    So this is what pure Clan fights look like these days, just as messy as ever lol