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  1. Apex's pull went up by x2? WEIRD LOL
  2. y apex pulls go up x2 when you try to rag us on mains? weird! 😜

  3. Spr1ng Rolls


    squirels noice
  4. L00000000000000000000000000000000000000L REV TRIED TO CRASH AND PULLED 8
  5. Spr1ng Rolls

    Progress On The Medium Level

    please quest it man
  6. all that bluster from the anti-apex alliance just to get ended by a combined defence level of 300 in under 20 mins l000l

  7. Spr1ng Rolls

    Brid Vid 31

    wow! moni!
  8. Apex is a legit fucking gang of the highest quality warrers in the scene and you can't help but revere us l000l

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