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  1. two two times

    Apex's Late Night PK Trip: Farming VR

    This just in: "rev + pd + venge + vr retreat to CA to avoid pures" and now, a message from our sponsors: "JAJAJAJAJA"
  2. two two times

    Apex's Action Packed Sunday PK Trip

    ez money today
  3. 2 ez insta-wipes aloowing those QT's to get they shit together
  4. two two times

    Sunday Funday: Apex demoralizes LY+Terror

    off = nfs cry = 50m
  5. two two times

    Apex smokes Terror and Rev in F2P wild

    my anchovy pizza went stale waiting for them to come outta singles...
  6. two two times

    Friday Night: Apex farms the wild

    i just gotta make some gps and ill bond my 82 and finish dt
  7. two two times

    Friday Night: Apex farms the wild

    this just in - mains run south to avoid level 90 apex members
  8. two two times

    Apex vs. Rage ~ P2P Prep ~ 2-1

    nice work! a fine job indeed vids blocked for my country tho
  9. two two times

    Apex vs Olympus | F2P Prep | 3-0 |

    "contains SME content" keep em comin tho
  10. two two times

    6/21 P2P Pking Trip

    shit son i mighta tbd somehow
  11. two two times

    Apex Vs Imperial | P2P Mini | 2-1

    nice i like what i see
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