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    what's next for willy
  3. INASNE PK TRIP 9/28/2020

    Looo so easy
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  5. Leagues II - Trailblazers

    that's how I felt when I made an ironman
  6. Amazing Sight

    what a beast
  7. Amazing Sight

  8. Amazing Sight

  9. Amazing Sight

    Wow it reminds me of when we go to login to Fi and they all tele. I am the icebreaker. Fi is the ice. GG be on Weekend for trips.
  10. INASNE PK TRIP 9/28/2020

    fucking fopped on lmfao
  11. Leagues II - Trailblazers

    2 months of iron man, cbf.
  12. Leagues II - Trailblazers

    Honestly last one I got burnt out after like 3 weeks but it was the most fun I had on RS in a long time
  13. Leagues II - Trailblazers

    Looks better than the first one. Not sure I'd give up 2 months worth of grinding on my own iron for this game mode though.
  14. Cheffin up a storm

  15. Cheffin up a storm

    SOMEONE STOP THIS MAN He'll be spouting Gordon Ramsay quotes soon
  16. INASNE PK TRIP 9/28/2020

    fopper for officer
  17. Leagues II - Trailblazers

    Let's go
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